Install a demo assistant

Last updated 5 months ago

We created a weather assistant that understands weather queries and speaks the result back to you.

Installing the demo on your device

Once the hardware is setup, what you need is an assistant that has an app and actions associated to it. The demo contains a weather assistant with an action that will repeat what you just asked. To install it, simply run:

sam install demo

And say:

Hey Snips!
What will be the weather like in Madagascar in two days?

It should respond:

You asked for the weather in Madagascar in two days.

At that point everything is running fine. You can install your own assistant.

Having issues? Check the Troubleshooting guide.

Going further

If you wish to develop your own app, you can take a look at the weather app on Github used in this demo.

You can find more information on how to write your own in our app documentation.