Install an assistant

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Install an assistant either from the console or your local computer

Creating an account on the console

If it is not already done, the first step is to create an account on the Snips console.

Creating an assistant and adding apps

Once your account is created, we are going to create an Assistant. Give it a name, and pick the language you want your assistant to understand. Now that your assistant is created, it is time to add apps to it. You can pick apps from the app store, or create your own.

Select the apps you want to add to your assistant, and then click on the "Add apps" button to confirm. Your assistant is now loaded with the apps you selected, and is ready to be deployed to the your device. We will deploy the assistant with sam.

Installing the assistant on your device

From the console

First you need login to the console with your credentials:

sam login
? Enter email used on the console:
? Enter password used on the console: [hidden]

Then, you can install an assistant created with your account:

sam install assistant
Fetching assistants done
? Choose the assistant you wish to install on the device (Use arrow keys)
❯ Weather Assistant

It will then deploy the assistant to your device.

Alternativaly, you can use the id of your assistant to download it directly. You can find this id in the URL when you're connected to the console and on the assistant page, it looks like proj_xxxxx

sam install assistant -i proj_xxxxx
Downloading assistant
Fetching assistants done
NLU training done
ASR training done
✔ Deploying assistant to raspberrypi.local...
✔ Snips assistant is now running. Say hey_snips to start!

Locally from a file

You can also upload the file directly

sam install assistant -p <assistant_path>

Once you have the assistant installed, you can show the logs and test your assistant with:

sam watch

To exit, type CTRL + C

I have installed my assistant, Snips detects my hotword but doesn't answer anything after my question, why?

First and foremost, keep in mind that a skill must have at least one action assigned to it to perform any response to voice input, please read that part of the Actions documentation. If there isn't any actions linked to the skill, you will have to write your own and make it speak.

Snips can only answer if:

For an overview of a complete skill and how it handles scripts, you can check this tutorial made by a community member and if things are still unclear, feel free to read this other tutorial also made by a community member