Makers Kit Assembly Guide


You’re on your way to creating your first custom Voice Assistant! In this guide, we’ll show you how to quickly assemble the Snips Maker Kit to bring your ideas to life with voice. Your Voice Assistant should run seamlessly with the included Raspberry Pi board and other components connected and running.

If you haven't installed Snips on your SD card yet, follow these steps and while it's installing, you can simultaneously assemble your Maker Kit. The assembly will take you 5-8 minutes.


Attach your Raspberry Pi to the Snips board

  • Use the 4 small cruciform screws to fix the 4 standoffs to the board

  • Place your Raspberry Pi on the standoffs, and using a screwdriver + 4 more small screws, attach the Raspberry Pi to the board.

Attach your Respeaker microphone header on top of your affixed Raspberry Pi, and gently press down to make sure the pins are secured.

Attach your Speaker to the Snips board

  • Use the 4 large cruciform screws to fix the 4 remaining standoffs to the board

    • *standoffs should be facing upward

  • Place your Speaker on the standoffs, and using your own screwdriver + 4 more small screws, attach the Speaker to the board

  • Pass the speaker’s wire through the “+” perforation in the board

Secure the wire

  • On the back of the board, screw the remaining 2 tall screws into 2 small perforations in a vertical alignment

  • *we recommend leaving 3 empty perforations between screws*

  • Thread the wire around these 2 screws, leaving some wire unthreaded

  • *we recommend doing 4 turns of the wire around both screws*

  • Pass the wire back through the “+” perforation to the front of the board and plug the wire end into the 2-pin connector on your Respeaker microphone.

Insert Micro SD Card into Raspberry Pi, with the SD card pinout facing towards you.

Plug in & power your Maker Kit using a 5.1V-2.5Amp power supply.

Well done, your Maker Kit is now connected and running! Use the included rope to hang your Maker Kit anywhere you’d like to control connected devices with your voice.

You can now install Snips on your kit, following this guide.

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